Snare Rims On The Right Hand || Free Groove Lesson

In this free groove lesson you will learn a construction idea where the right hand plays on the rim of a drum to create a highly percussive pattern. Any drum will work for this and each drum will have a slightly different pitch and tone, experiment with different placements and see what you like the sound of. These are quite simple patterns as you are just moving the right hand in existing movements and moving the right hand around, the aim here is just to familiarize you with how notation will look for this kind of groove.

Listed below are seven grooves where the right hand is played on the rim of the drum, the rim is the diamond note head. Various concepts from other free groove lessons have been added, use these as a starting point to create more versions. When working through these exercises, focus on keeping your timing exact by using a metronome. Keep an eye on your technioque as well, your grip and the angle your sticks move at are important and keeping your limbs relaxed will help keep everthing moving smoothly.

Groove Example 1

A groove with the right hand played on a shell rim

Free Groove Lesson 2

A free groove lesson

Example 3

A groove lesson

Example 4

A groove with the right hand played on a shell rim

Example 5

A groove with the right hand played on a cowbell

Free Groove Lesson 6

A free groove exercise

Groove Example 7

A groove with the right hand played on a shell rim


  • Learn the grooves shown above to a tempo of at least 130bpm.
  • Use the right hand concept in combination with other kick and snare movements.
  • Combine the part with a fill.
  • Work through other free groove lessons.


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