Drum Music Composition And Advice Service

Do you have a piece of music you require a drum part for? Do you have an idea you want writing into a score? Maybe the drum part for your bands latest song just isn't sitting right. We can help!

We can advise on any parts you are writing free of charge over email. Just sent us a link to a video of your part or an audio clip and we will offer constructive criticism on how to improve it.

Is there a section of a song that you just can't make work? We've been there and can either suggest a part or offer advise on how to approach making something work. This element of the service is free of charge.

Are you a songwriter without a drummer? For a small fee we can write an electronic part and provide a midi file that you can mix into your song. For a higher fee we can head into the studio and provide high quality recordings for your song. In addition to this we can provide video of the recording session and transcriptions of all parts. The cost of providing a live recorded part will include the cost of hiring a studio.

Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.