Dan has helped me become a better drummer long before I even got in touch with him. I remember reading his name on drumscores years ago, when I took drum lessons. When I first visited his website "drumscore.com" out of curiosity, I was stunned. So many songs I wanted to play; I swear, I wanted to buy the whole collection and I still love to look it through and I always find new songs that I just need to have. Anyways, thank you Dan for your efford and your kindness and for all the time you spent to help drummers like me to get what they want – perfect, accurate sheet music to drum along our favorite songs. You’re always the first and best address to ask for new scores. Conclusively I want to say in my mother tongue: Mach weiter so, du bist genial! Alles Gute!

Nick Pannermayr, Germany

"Dan's work is nothing short of astounding! The level of detail and care is absolutely unmatched and unprecedented. I do a lot of transcribing myself for my students and my rehearsal/stage needs and I can tell Dan's work is THE very best around. I can feel safe that, if I go on stage sight reading one of his charts, everything is going to work and there won't be any surprises. All the indicated tempos are spotless, too. His support and assistance are quick and to the point."

- Sergio Ponti (Dordeduh, Ephel Duath, Sunset In The 12th House, Beggar's Farm)

"I am a singer/piano player who performs with live bands on cruise ships and I have worked with many drum transcriptionists and drummers who have regularly had complaints about the level of detail I wanted to get in the transcriptions and, respectively, the confusing or incomplete quality of these transcriptions, for which I always paid substantially more than Drumscore charges. It is one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the year to have found Dan at Drumscore that does such an efficient, detailed job for such a way-more-than reasonable price. It's actually incredible and I can't recommend him enough."

- Greg Schlotthauer, Los Angeles

"As a professional drum teacher, I find this website to be the absolute best on the internet for song transcriptions. So many of my students have benefited from learning with the vast amount of songs available, and each one is extremely accurate and clear to read. It's worth every penny!"

- Owen Liversage

"Dan Brigstock is the best in the business by far. He not only transcribes drum scores for a wide variety of musical genres, he also provides support with regards to music notation and theory."

- Tom Stylianos

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- Elicia Kim, California

"Drumscore request service is awesome, Dan is a very nice guys, he answers all my questions, he is good at what he does. He gets your request to you in a quick and timely manner. The sheet music matches the songs very well. I haven't had any problems with any of my songs. I would not hesitate to order again."

- Bob Simmons, Illinois

"As a relatively new drummer (2 years) it has been great to not only get my requests handled quickly (and in a format I can read!) but to have Dan’s help and advice is just wonderful. I highly recommend the service”

- Victoria Butler, Sr Nursing Director, New York

"Drumscore has a myriad number of drum transcriptions available together with a request service that is affordable, accurate and with a fast and reliable turn around time frame. Give yourself a pat on the back Dan. Best site and service for drum transcriptions."

- Kevin Berman, South Africa

"Dan Brigstock's transcriptions are dead on accurate. His work helped me to progress in my drumming faster than I would have otherwise by making the process much more fun and less work like. I don't know of any other store or website that offers this kind of service. I recommend Mr. Brigstock and his knowledge to drummers of all levels. The return on your investment is awesome."

- David Powers, Phoenix, Az.

"Dan has always provided a prompt and efficient service. He is very friendly, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I will continue to use Dan as he is my number one drum score provider; he’s also good looking (my wife made me say that) :)"

- Brent Henderson

"I learned how to read drum music from my previous drum teacher on Long Island, New York. But, he nor I could ever find good rock n' roll sheet music. When I moved to Vermont and joined a band, I really felt I needed to see the original drum score. Finding Dan on the internet has changed everything for me. I can now ask him for any new song; one I want to learn or that my band members suggest. Dan's pricing is extremely reasonable and I never wait more than a couple of days to have song transcriptions delivered to me through my email. That was the just the beginning. I didn't realize at the time the other perks I would be getting. I use a variety of song transcriptions to practice. I now know exactly what time setting each song should be. It's fun to practice rolls and other rudiments within an actual song than always using a boring exercise book. All this, and not to mention that Dan's transcriptions are spot on! I usually bring these transcriptions to my drum lessons. My instructor, who is a professional drummer, has often commented after reading a piece, how thoroughly accurate each note and phrase is. I can even help the band sometimes stay on track during difficult passages. Because of all of this I am more confident now! I am not afraid to try challenging songs knowing that when the music arrives I will be able to read it clearly, work it out and practice difficult passages. Dan's site has been a wonderful find for me. I have become a better and assertive drummer because of it. I'm also having a lot more fun! "

- Roxee L., Manchester, VT