Basic Groove Example 8

On this page is a simple groove. The lesson is presented in a step by step format based on the Rhythm First reading method. If you prefer the Left To Right method feel free to skip later into the lesson for the complete groove.


Rhythm of the first groove
Check Your Counting:


The orchestration of your first groove

Add Quarter Note Hi Hats:

You first quarter note hi hat groove

Add Eighth Note Hi Hats:

You first eighth note hi hat groove


  • Learn the groove up to a tempo of at least 100bpm.
  • Play 4 bars with quarter note hi hats followed by 4 bars with eighth note hi hats, repeat this pattern 4 times.

A list of other lessons you may find useful before studying this area.

  • Notation basicsIncluding basic note values, parts of the kit and repeat marks.
  • Rhythm basicsIncluding quarter and eighth notes.
  • The 2 minute ruleThis is a practice technique that I strongly recommend using.
  • CountingCounting is given in all exercises but you will need to know what it means.


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