Linear Delayed 'R L L F' Full Bar Groove In 5/8

The grooves in this lesson will all be full bar 5/8 linear patterns using the 'R L L F' pattern, similar to other grooves you have covered at this level. This time however you will be waiting an eighth note to start the groove. This is a small change but it drastically changes the sound of the part. Through this page I will be showing you three different versions of this, two using the common time version and one following a half time pattern. Some of these get quite tricky so don't be afraid to work through the part slowly. Some useful lessons are linked at the bottom of the page that may help your understanding of the parts.

The grooves will be built from the accented version of the exercise, so there will be plenty of ghost Notes but you will be moving the first stroke of each grouping to an alternate part of the kit in most cases. Hi hats have been used in a lot of examples on this page but you could move this to any part of the kit you like. Short, sharp sounds are best to prevent the subtle ghost notes being lost.

Common Time Version 1

In this first version of the part I have literally just shunted the original full bar linear 'R L L F' fill one eighth note later in the bar. The rest at the start of the bar both signals the moving of the part but also gives the groove a really nice feel rhythmically. In the previous part the accents all fell on numbered counts where as they are now on '+' counts, this can mess with your head a little!

The common time version of this pattern

Common Time Version 2

This version is where things get a little harder. The part has still shifted later in the bar in the same way as above but I have now added a backbeat on count 2. This falls on the second 'L' of the R L L F , meaning you will need to play a ghosted left hand followed by an accented left hand over the space of a sixteenth note. Take your time with this one and really watch the movements between those two left hand strokes.

The common time version of this pattern

Half Time Version

This half time version is constructed in a similar way to the last groove but the accents are now moved to the snare on count 3. This means that quick dynamic change over two left hands is needed again. As in the previous groove, any non back beat accents have been shifted to the cymbal. There are two ghosted snares at the start of the bar, try removing these to see how this affects the sound.

The half time version of this pattern


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get the grooves up to a tempo of at least 130bpm.
  2. Apply the part to a structured pattern. This will work well as either a groove, variation or fill.
  3. Create further variations on this pattern, a list of ideas for this is given below.

Ideas For Variation

  • Add additonal bass drums, not necessarily within a linear context.
  • Switch around the orchestration of the hands.
  • Open some hi hats.
  • Add in some ride cymbal.
  • Alter which beat of the bar you start the pattern on.
  • Use this groove for half a bar, fill the other half with another groove idea.


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