Repeat Mark Bar Lines With Numbered Brackets

With our repeat marks bar lines there is an extra bit of notation you will often see. It is a bracket over one or more bars with a '1.' inside it. Paired with this is a similar bracket with a '2.' inside it. Below is an example of this being used:

First and Second time notation

The percentage signs on the second line are explained in our next lesson.

What these brackets are doing is showing different endings for our repeated sections. You will play through the two lines as normal, including the music shown under the '1.' bracket, and when you hit the end repeat line you jump back to the start repeat line. On the second play through you will ignore the '1.' bracket and play the music under the '2.' bracket instead. So essentially the 1st bracket means play this the first time and the second bracket means play this the second time instead. So our music has two alternate ending bars.


You may also see a '1. 2.' bracket followed by a '3.' bracket. This is very similar only you play the '1. 2.' bracket the first and second times and the '3' the third time.

You can also get '1.', '2.' and '3.' brackets. In this case the ending is different over the repeat sectio being played three times. This idea can actually go up to any number, although it is very rare you will see anything higher than 4.


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