Sticking For The Single Stroke Triplet

In this lesson on the Single Stroke Roll you are going to progress from using eighth and sixteenth notes to Eighth Note Triplets. Make sure you read the eighth note triplets lesson before starting this lesson.

The sticking for this rudiment is the same as a standard single stroke roll, 'R L R L' but we will now be playing in groups of three rather than groups of two or four. In our groups of two and four each numbered count ended up being played with the same hand. However in groups of three, this will alternate. Written below is the rudiment with sticking:

A Single Stroke Roll played as a triplet.

Notice that on the first note of each group of three the hand used to play it switches. Beat 1 is on the right hand, beat 2 on the left, beat 3 on the right and beat 4 on the left. This is a key feature of a triplet and can be used to your advantage in groove and fill construction.

You should also practice this with the sticking reversed, like this:

A Single Stroke Roll played as a triplet with reverse sticking.

For now that is all you need to know about this rudiment. Check out our lessons on adding feet and orchestrating this rudiment next.


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all exercises up to a tempo of 120bpm.
  2. Add feet to and orchestrate this rudiment.
  3. Try the '1 2 3 4' exercise.


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