'1 +a 2e+ 3e+a4' Full Bar Fills || Free Fill Construction Lesson

In this free fill construction lesson you will continue learning about creating fills using groupings of sixteenth notes, this time basing your fills on a specific four beat rhythm. The rhythm and orchestrations used will be similar to those in other 16th groupings lessons but you will be exploring one rhythm a little more in depth. At the bottom of the page you will find a collection of links to other lessons you may find useful when learning these parts.

The rhythm you will be following for all fills on this page is shown below. I have included counting and sticking to clarify how the part is intended to be played.

The rhythm for the fills within this lesson

Again, this is a fairly basic pattern but spend a moment ensuring the transition between groove and fill is accurate and pause free. In the list of parts below that same rhythm has been orchestrated around the kit in several different ways. Use this as inspiration to create further fills that fit more with your playing style. In the given examples, various different grooves have been used in the first half of the bar. Again, I encourage you to mix this up as much as you can.

Fill 1

A free fill construction idea using the base rhythm

Fill 2

A fill using the base rhythm

Fill 3

A free fill construction lesson using the base rhythm

Fill 4

A fill using the base rhythm

Fill 5

A fill construction lesson using the base rhythm

Fill 6

A fill using the base rhythm


  • Using the 2 minute rule, get all given examples up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  • Apply the given fills to a structured example as the 'B' section.
  • Experiment with using a different rhythm as the basis for a fill.
  • Extend or shorten the given parts to create further fill ideas.
  • Explore other free fill construction lesson concepts.


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