Percentage Sign Repeat Marks

Percentage signs can be used to show that sections immediately before a bar of music are played again. A single percentage sign means play the bar before again. So in the example below the same bar of music would be played twice.

Single Percentage Repeat Marks

When two diagonal slashes are shown in a percentage sign filling two bars, this means play the two bars before again. Sometimes a '2' is written above to add extra clarification. In the example below the third and fourth bar will be the same as the first and second.

Double Percentage Repeat Marks

There is also a four bar version of this but it is very rarely used in notation. In this case there are four diagonal slashes in a percentage sign that is in the middle of four bars. Again a '4' is sometimes put above to clarify. In the example below bars 5 - 8 are the same as bars 1 - 4.

Quad Percentage Repeat Marks


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