The Triple Paradiddle Played On The Hands And Feet

This lesson is a continuation of our Triple Paradiddle On The Feet lesson and you will expanding on this in the same way you did in our Single Stroke Roll On The Hands And Feet lesson. As with similar lessons, the aim on this page is to improve the timing of your feet by giving them a reference point for timing. Your feet will be copying your hands as both sets of limbs will be playing exactly the same thing at all points.

You will be given three sets of triple paradiddle exercises for the hands and feet, each using a different note value. For each note value you will be given a version where the feet are split between the bass drum and hi hat and a second version using double bass drum. If you don't have a double pedal or two bass drums on your kit, the hi hat and bass drum exercise acheives exactly the same thing. There will be snares added above the foot part, also playing an triple paradiddle at the same note value. Sticking is provided underneath and refers to both the hands and feet.

When playing these exercises make sure your left foot is playing at the same volume as the right. Because this is generally your weaker foot it may need some attention. You can also use the snare notes to make sure the feet are playing exactly in time.

Eighth Note Triplet Exercises

You will start with a slow version of the exercise using eighth notes. This will familiarize you with the way the hands and feet work together and get your left foot working a bit more before you start speeding things up in the next two exercises.

Hi Hat And Bass Drum

The eighth note exercise with hi hats.

Double Kick

The eighth note exercise with double kick.

Sixteenth Note Exercises

Double up again to create sixteenth notes. Keep a close eye on technique and note placement.

Hi Hat And Bass Drum

The sixteenth note exercise with hi hats.

Double Kick

The sixteenth note exercise with double kick.


  • Using the 2 minute rule, get the exercise up to a tempo of around 110bpm.
  • Reverse the sticking of the exercise.
  • Orchestrate the hands.


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