Build Ups Using Eighth Note Triplets

In this lesson you are going to be applying the 'build up' concept from level one to an eighth note triplet rhythm. You can find the level 1 lessons linked at the bottom of the page a long with some other lessons you may find helpful. The fill will be a simple repetitive pattern that starts softly and gradually gets louder through the bar. The rhythm will be slightly quicker now and will be a bit more demanding on your hand stamina.

To familiarize you with the rhythm I have started off with a nice and simple version of the part. It is just a bar of single stroke triplet starting quietly and ending up moderately loud. So you'll start with your sticks low and without too much pressure on your strokes then as the bar progresses you'll lift up higher and start hitting a bit harder.

An exercise in dynamics applied over triplets.

Treat this as an exercise and make sure you are happy applying dynamics in this manner. All remaining exercises will follow a similar idea but you will be using the flat flam movement instead of single strokes.

Full Bar Toms

In this version of the build up you are positioning your right hand on the floor tom and the left on the high tom then playing eighth note triplest with both hands at the same time. It is essenial that you keep both hands moving at exactly the same time or the part will get sloppy. Start off slowly and gradually build up tempo. This is a great hand stamina exercise as well as a cool sounding fill.

An exercise in dynamics applied over triplets.

Half Bar Version

Here the part is orchestrated over the floor tom and snare and only played for half of the bar. The two beats at the start could either be the groove used through the rest of the piece or some other kind of fill.

An exercise in dynamics applied over triplets.

Ride & Snare

Finally. another full bar version where the hands are split over the ride and snare and bass drums are added underneath. Another option here is to switch the kicks to a quarter note pattern.

An exercise in dynamics applied over triplets.


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all four fills up to a tempo of at least 135bpm.
  2. Add each example into one of the structures we have covered previously.
  3. Create your own fill pattern using this concept.


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