16th Note Blast Beats With A '1e a' Right Hand Rhythm

In this lesson you will be exploring another idea for varying the rhythm of the right hand within blast beats, similar to our lessons on a 1 + a and 1 e + right hand in blast beats. On this page you will be switching the right hand to a '1 e a' rhythm.

This rhythm has been applied as a right hand part in many different groove construction ideas so it is hopefully familiar to you already. The difficulty with these patterns will come in the tempo of the parts. It may be worth looking back over some hand speed and stamina lessons, particularly those that involve playing longer rhythms with one hand.

It is important that the right hand part is distinct and doesn't get lost under the kicks and snares. Using short sharp voices such as the ride or ride bell will really make this part stand out. Just for clarification the rhythm the right hand will be playing in the grooves below looks like this:

The right hand for these grooves

In the list of parts below, this right hand has been added to the three basic blast beats covered in this section. Start off by playing the parts slowly to make sure the right hand is falling correctly then work on building up the tempo. I have shown the right hand in various voices, ride bells, chinas and splashes are particularly affective for this idea as they create the sharper sound that allows the right hand rhythm to be heard. Remember that if you are struggling to get your feet up to tempo, double kick is an option.

I have kept the list of examples very brief to encourage you to experiment with different ideas for construction. The rhythm doesn't have to be used constantly, it could perhaps be half or a quarter of the bar or even a small section of a two or four bar pattern. Try to come up with as many different ideas as possible.

Constant 16th Note Blast Beat

The constant sixteenth note blast beat with rhythmic right hand

Reverse Sub-Divided 8th Blast Beat

The reverse subdivided eighth note blast beat with rhythmic right hand

Sub-Divided 8th Blast Beat

The subdivided eighth note blast beat with rhythmic right hand


  1. Learn the examples above to a tempo of at least 200bpm.
  2. Experiment with the orchestration of the grooves, remember that percussion items are also a good option.
  3. Experiment with different lengths of groove.
  4. Apply the grooves to songs and phrases as either a fill or groove.


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