Single Stroke Triplet To 16th Note Single Stroke Roll

I recommend you work through the Singles To Doubles and Singles To Paradiddles rudiment workouts before starting this lesson.

In this rudiment workout you will be playing exercises that switch from playing Single Stroke Triplets to a Single Stroke Roll as sixteenth notes. This will be the same sort of movement used in the last two parts of our '1234' exercise. Make sure you are comfortable with the sticking for these rudiments before proceeding.

Remember that a key feature of an eighth note triplet is that each beat it starts on a new hand. To avoid these exercises getting too complicated for level 1 I have written the exercises in a way that avoids a new rudiment starting on a left hand. In all exercises you will actually be playing a single stroke constantly, the timing at which you play it just changes.

The point of practicing exercises like this is to further improve your 'control' over your playing. This means the ability to use any given idea in any combination during your playing.

Exercise 1

The first exercise is to play one bar of each rudiment.

Single Stroke 3 To Singles As Sixteenth Notes

Exercise 2

Then try doubling the time spent on each rudiment, so two bars of each then repeat.

Single Stroke 3 To Singles As Sixteenth Notes

Exercise 3

Then you can try half a bar on each rudiment.

Single Stroke 3 To Singles As Sixteenth Notes

There are further options for creating exercises like this from these rudiments but these are the most important at the moment. In later levels the triplet will be used to switch the hands around and force you to play rudiments backwards. This will be very good for your weeker hand.


  • Learn all exercises at a tempo of at least 110bpm.
  • Create further triplet to sixteenth note exercises. For example four bars of each rudiment.
  • Add feet into the exercises above.
  • Orchestrate the exercises above.
  • Reverse the exercises so you start on sixteenth notes.
  • Reverse the sticking of the exercises so you start on the left.


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