This lesson is similar to our Applying The 'Once Per Drum' Orchestration To Fill Construction lesson and it is worth checking this lesson out if you haven't already. The aim on this page is to give you another simple fill construction idea using a Single Stroke Four and this time I will be focusing on the 4 Stroke Roll In Groups Of Two orchestration. As in the lesson linked above, you wil just be taking different patterns based on this orchestration and applying them to an 'A A A B' structure as a fill.

The examples given on this page will be using the sixth and final exercise in the orchestration lesson linked above. As a reminder, the orchestration is this:

Full pattern

As you can see the fill is made up of various versions of the single stroke four split into two groups of two across two different drums. In each beat the grouping varies slightly. Below is an example of this used as a fill in a four bar phrases following the 'A A A B' structure.

A four bar phrased using a four stroke roll fill

As in the previous lesson make, Have a look through the orchestration lesson linked at the top of the page and have a go at applying each exercise to the 'A A A B' pattern. When you have done that, try creating your own versions of the orchestrations. This could either be a variation in the way the hands move around the kit in the given examples or by coming up with a whole new orchestration idea.

Varying The Length

As in the previous example you will now experiment with different lengths of fill. I have continued using the same orchestration exercise as an example in these versions.

Half Bar Fill

In this example you are starting the fill two beats late.

A four bar phrased using a half bar four stroke roll fill

Three Quarter Bar Fill

In this example you are replacing the first beat of the fill with groove.

A four bar phrased using a three quarter bar four stroke roll fill

Quarter Bar Fill

With the fill only lasting one beat there you are limited with your options here. Just play a four stroke roll on any two parts of the kit.

A four bar phrased using a quarter bar four stroke roll fill

Orchestration Ideas

Changing orchestrations in this fill is also pretty easy, just stick to the idea of splitting the rudiment between two drums on each beat. As we said before, you don't need to change the orchestration on every beat. Experiment with these ideas and write down the versions you like best.


  1. Learn all phrases above to a tempo of 130bpm.
  2. Use different grooves in each example.
  3. With each given length of fill experiment with different construction ideas and different orchestrations.
  4. Use the rhythmic variation of the single stroke 4 with the same orchestration and fill consturction ideas.
  5. Write down any fills you create that you like.


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