8th Note Subdivision Exercise

In this lesson you will be splitting eighth notes into, creating sixteenth notes, in an exercise to push your hand speed and accuracy of beat placement. It is a very simple pattern but when combined with the Two Minute Rule it will very quickly improve your hands.

Two versions of the exercise are presented below. The first is a slowed down version based on quarter notes followed by the full speed eighth note exercise..

Quarter Note Exercise

For this pattern you will play one bar of quarter notes all on the right hand, followed by a bar of eighth notes played as singles. Notice that the right hand is doing the same thing through both bars? You are creating the eighth notes by 'splitting' or subdividing the quarter notes with the left hand.

The quarter note version of the exercise

Reverse sticking is shown as well as standard, use both of these to make the most of this exercise.

Eighth Note Exercise

The full version of the exercise is exactly the same as the previous only all note values are doubled. Again, the right hand plays the same thing through both bars. The sixteenth notes are created by subdividing the right hand eighths with the left hand.

The eighth note version of the exercise


  1. Aim for a high tempo with this exercise, 150bpm and above would be ideal.


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