Applying The 'Groups Of Two' Orchestration When The Rudiment Ends On The Beat

In this lesson you will be learning a second fill construction idea using the single stroke four Groups Of Two Orchestration. The Previous Lesson using this orchestration idea used the standard 'starting on the beat' rhythm so this time we'll be looking at the 'ending on the beat' version. Before starting these exercises have a quick recap on this rhythm, you can find it on This Page in exercises 4, 5 and 6. The hand movements used in the orchestrations will be very similar to the previous lesson linked above so it would be worth having a look at that lesson too.

As all the basic elements have been covered in previous lessons, have a go at apply a single stroke four ending on the beat orchestrated in groups of two as a full bar fill in an 'A A A B' pattern. I have given you an example of this below, notice that the fill ends on a quarter note, this is to make the transition back to the groove a bit simpler.

A four bar phrase using a full bar single stroke four fill

Once you are comfortable with this pattern have a go at mixing up the orchestration of the fill. Some ideas for this are given in the orchestration lesson above but it should be easy enough to come up with some of your own versions.

Next I'll discuss some simple ideas for creating a wide variety of fills based on this idea. I haven't given a lot of examples in each concept as the idea is for you to take the idea and create a few versions of it.

Varying The Length

A very easy way to mix up your fills is to change the length. This is something that we've covered a lot so the purpose of the exercises below is to show you how this specific fill would look in each of the different lengths. I have applied all examples to an 'A A A B' style phrase.

Half Bar Fill

In this example you are starting the fill two beats late.

A four bar phrase using a half bar single stroke four fill

Three Quarter Bar Fill

In this example you are replacing the first beat of the fill with groove.

A four bar phrase using a three quarter bar single stroke four fill

Quarter Bar Fill

With the fill only lasting one beat there you are limited with your options here. Just play a four stroke roll following the rules of the initial orchestration.

A four bar phrase using a quarter bar single stroke four fill

Orchestration Ideas

With each example you should also experiment with different orchestrations. In this version you are a little more restricted in orchestrations as you want to be following the 'don't cross the sticks' rule. Experiment with your own ideas but be careful of sticking.


  1. Learn all phrases above to a tempo of 130bpm.
  2. Use different grooves in each example.
  3. Experiment with different orchestrations and lengths of the fill.


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