Foot Speed Using 16th Note Groupings On The Feet - Additional Rhythms

On this page is a list of rhythms that can be used on the feet for developing speed and stamina. See the bottom of the page for the lessons this relates to. Use these to create additional sets of exercises as we did in the previous four lessons, feel free to use Manuscript Paper to write these down. The given rhythms will contain mixtures of the groupings used already however, I haven't tried to restrict the amount of kicks in a row to three.

Rhythm 1

Foot speed exercises example 1

Rhythm 2

Foot speed exercises example 2

Rhythm 3

Foot speed exercises example 3

Rhythm 4

Foot speed exercises example 4

Rhythm 5

Foot speed exercises example 5


  1. Apply the rhythms shown above to the five concepts shown in each of the previous lessons.
  2. Write down more rhythms that have groups of two or more 16th notes and apply them to the same concepts.


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