Eighth Note Co-Ordination Exercise With The Left Foot Added

As with the Level 1 version of this exercise, the aim here is to improve Co Ordination and Independence between hands and feet by playing continuous runs of notes that alternate between the hands and feet. For level 2 I am going to give a wider variety of exercises that will push you even further.

To get started we are going to re visit the quaver exercise from the level 1 lesson. The first exercise is a four bar pattern, but I am going to break this down into two smaller exercises before putting it back together.

Exercise 1

Here you are going to play one bar of right hand – right foot followed by a bar of left hand – right foot.

Hand and Foot co ordination exercise

Exercise 2

In this version you are playing the same sort of pattern but using the left foot rather than the right..

Hand and Foot co ordination exercise

Exercise 3

Then put both exercises together to give you a challenging four bar co ordination exercise.

Hand and Foot co ordination exercise

Exercise 4

Just to keep you on your toes, try reversing the pattern so you start on the foot.

Hand and Foot co ordination exercise


  1. Learn all exercises at a tempo of at least 130bpm.
  2. Combine exercises 3 and 4 to create an eight bar pattern that you repeat over.
  3. Experiment with different orchestrations.

In our next independence lesson we will be using 16th notes.


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