Eighth Note Fills In 6/8

This lesson is intended as a follow on from our Introduction To Grooves In 6/8 lesson, I would recommend you work through this first.

We will start with some simple eighth note fills in 6/8. The examples on this page will be similar to those shown in our Introduction To Fills lesson but because we are in 6/8 there are less notes in the bar and our eighth notes are now grouped in threes rather than twos or fours. Work through each fill on it's own then use the structures discussed previously to create longer patterns mixing grooves and fill. Remember to use 6/8 grooves! Some of these longer patterns will be shown on the next page.

When counting in 6/8, 8th notes are counted as number. So to count a full bar of 8th notes in 6/8 you would use '1 2 3 4 5 6'.

You should also treat each fill as a concept and use the idea to create more of your own fills.

Example 1

Straight eighth notes on the snare.

A fill in 6/8

Example 2

Eighth notes split into two groups of three.

A fill in 6/8

Example 3

Groups of two eighth notes played around the kit.

A fill in 6/8

Example 4

A group of two followed by a group of four.

A fill in 6/8

Example 5

A group of four followed by a group of two.

A fill in 6/8

Example 6

An odd grouping.

A fill in 6/8

Example 7

The same odd grouping reversed.

A fill in 6/8

Example 8

An odd grouping that has all quarter notes played on a tom.

A fill in 6/8


  1. Learn the examples shown above.
  2. Create your own variations on each concept.
  3. Add the fills into a structured pattern.

Try some Structured Examples with these fills applied.


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