6/8 Right Hand Concept: Delayed Crotchet As Double 16ths

Through this 6/8 right hand concept lesson you will take the movement learned previously where you played quarter notes starting on the 2 count and will play two sixteenth strokes rather than the single quarter note. While this in simple in writing, the unusual placement can be tricky to get accurate, once you have your head around it though there are some really interesting grooves you can build from the idea. Due to the placement of notes on the right hand, its' rhythm can be described as syncopated as it has an almost 3/4 feel to it. Combining this with a more standard 6/8 kick/snare placement creates a relatively simply poly rhythm.

The first step in building up some grooves using this idea is to play the 6/8 right hand concept on its' own. This is shown below:

The basis for this groove

So on the 2, 4 and 6 counts you play two sixteenths strokes and to allow for snare placements underneath this is best done as a right hand double stroke. When playing a standard, common time 6/8 pattern the snare will fall under the first stroke of the second block of doubles. Make sure that all strokes are played dynamically even before moving on to the groove ideas given below.

6/8 Right Hand Concept Example 1

We'll keep it really simple for the first example, just play a kick on the 1 count and a snare on the 4 count. A 6/8 right hand groove concept.

Example 2

Underneath that new right hand concept, keep the snare on the 4 count but add two extra kicks on the 2 and 3 counts. The right hand has also been moved over to the ride.

An unusual rhythm for the right hand in 6/8

6/8 Right Hand Concept Example 3

Move the right hand to the floor tom and keep time with the left foot using eighth notes. Kicks then play that simple swung eighth note movement that is common in this time signature

A 6/8 groove example

Example 4

This time move the right hand to the rim of the high tom.

A 6/8 right hand groove concept.

6/8 Right Hand Concept Example 5

A more complated kick pattern is used here. Adding counting if you need to and make sure all strokes fall on exactly the right count.

A 6/8 groove example


  • Using the 2 minute rule, get all grooves up to a tempo of at least 140bpm.
  • Create further variations on these grooves.
  • Experiment with using the new right hand concept over half and double time patterns.
  • Apply these grooves to a phrased piece as either the 'A' or 'B' section.



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