Combining An Offbeat Eighth Note Right Hand And Straight Eighth Note Left Hand Concept

In this lesson you will be taking the multi layered groove concept that combined a right hand eight note with a left hand offbeat eighth note and reversing those hands. This means the left will now be playing the eighth note count while the right plays '+' counts as well as the back beat. There is a lot about this groove that can cause problems, the eighth notes need to be played firmly with a hand that is traditionally weaker and playing the back beat on the right can feel unusual.

Through this groove the left hand will be playing eighth notes somewhere on the left hand side of the kit, so the hi hat, splash and crash are amongst your options. The right hand will be playing an offbeat eighths somewhere on the right hand side of the kit whilst also playing the backbeat on the snare. This means there will be some quick movements with the right hand. On this page I will break the pattern down before providing several examples of kick placement.

Right Hand Part

The right hand is the slightly more complex part of this groove so let's start with that. On each '+ a' count you will be hitting a ride with the right and then on beats 2 and 4 you will jump over to the snare. That looks like this:

The right hand for this groove

On it's own this part isn't too complicated but it will help to be very comfortable with it before adding in the left hand. Spend some time playing this part now and make sure your technique remains good through the quick movement.

Adding The Left Hand

The left hand is just going to play straight eighth notes and I will notate these for the hi hat to start off with. That will look like this:

The hands for this groove

Whilst your are familiarizing yourself with the pattern keep the hi hats closed. Focus on the quick ride to snare movement and try to keep it relaxed.

Simple Kicks

In this step you will be adding bass drums on beats 1 and 3, that will look like this:

The groove with a simple kick pattern

More Complex Kick Patterns

In the following examples of different kick placements. I will be mixing up the orchestration of the hands to show you the wide variety of options you have.

The important rule to follow is that the left hand needs to stay on the left hand side of the kit and the right on the right hand side.

Example 1

A multi-layered groove

Example 2

A multi-layered groove

Example 3

A multi-layered groove

Example 4

A multi-layered groove

Example 5

A multi-layered groove

Example 6

A multi-layered groove


  • Learn all exercises up to a tempo of at least 150bpm.
  • Experiment with orchestration.
  • Apply this pattern to a phrased example as either the groove or fill.


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