Double '33334' Right Hand Rhythm

In this groove construction lesson you will taking the syncopated '3334' rhythm used in previous lessons and applying it as the basis for a right hand part. As discussed in many other lessons, '33334' refers to the groupings of sixteenth notes within the bar. To create the right hand part used in this lesson you will play right hands on the first two notes of each grouping. That looks like this:

The rhythm for this concept

You will then place kicks and snares as standard. In the example below a simple level 0 style part is applied underneath.

The rhythm applied to a common time groove

Spend some time getting comfortable with this pattern, focus on that double 33334 syncopated rhythm on the right hand making sure all notes are even. When you have the groove at a comfortable tempo, start mixing up the kick and snare parts. Some different construction ideas following some of these ideas are shown below. In all, that syncopated rhythm should be the focus of the groove.

Example 1

Example 2

A double 33334 rhythmed groove

Example 3

A double 33334 rhythmed groove

Example 4

A double 33334 rhythmed groove


  • Learn the grooves above up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  • Experiment with different placement ideas and orchestrations.
  • Use the concept as part of a phrased example.
  • Try constructing longer patterns based on this rhythm, such as two or four bar grooves, where the syncopated rhythm continues through the whole phrase.
  • Try constructing a groove based on a shorter version of this phrase.


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