RLRFRL Six Note Grouping Sticking Pattern

In this lesson I will show another hand to foot pattern that is very useful as an exercise in 'separating' your hands and feet and is also a great 'building block' for fill construction. This time you will be using a six note pattern that is a straight run of single stroke roll with the 4th note played on a foot.

Below I have shown this sticking played as various rhythms, starting with some slow simple versions and getting progressively more challenging. Spend a lot of time making sure the kick is falling exactly in place then work on pushing the tempo. Our Hand/Foot Independance Exercise will be useful for sorting out the foot placement here.

Example 1

The pattern played in 4/4 as eighth note triplets. This is a slower versions of the full part to help get you used to the sticking movement.

The exercise as eighth note triplets

Example 2

The pattern played in 4/4 as Sextuplets.

The exercise as sextuplets

Example 3

The sticking syncopated over 4/4 sixteenth notes. This could be extended over multiplet bars.

The exercise syncopated in 4/4

Example 4

As simple eighth notes in 3/4.

The exercise as eighth notes in 3/4

Example 4

As sixteenth notes in 6/8.

The exercise as sixteenth notes in 6/8


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get the exercises up to a tempo of at least 110bpm.
  2. Experiment with orchestrating the parts.
  3. Try adding a left foot count. This will increase the co ordination challenge drastically.
  4. Add this short pattern into your fills.


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