Imitation Twos To Sixteens Using Single Strokes

In this lesson you will be learning an exercise that combines our previous Imitation Double kick lessons to create two quite long exercises. Make sure you have covered all previous lessons before proceeding.

The aim of this lesson is to develop your ability to play double kick for longer whilst improving foot co ordination. To achieve this you are going to take the exercises learned in the lesson linked above and play four sets of each grouping in a row. This means that as you progress through the exercise each burst of double kick will last longer and will be far more challenging on your foot stamina.

I have shown two versions of the exercise below. The first starts with groupings of two extends the groupings each time. The second starts with groups of sixteen and the groupings get smaller as you progress. Repeat marks have been used to prevent the notation from filling several lines and all hands are to be played as single strokes.

Exercise 1

The exercise starting with smaller groupings.

Exercise 2

The exercise starting with larger groupings.


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get the exercises up to a tempo of around 120bpm.


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