One Drop Reggae Groove With One Handed 16th Note Right Hand

In this lesson you will be learning a very simple but common variation on the Basic Reggae Groove learned back in level 1. To construct this part you will be using the kick and sidestick on beat 2, which was the main feature of a groove in this style, and playing a straight One Hand Sixteenth Note rhythm over it. The grooves on this page will be far easier if you have covered these two lessons previously. This should be relatively simple so to give you something a bit more challenging I have included some '+' count exercises in later versions. A discussion on the main features of a reggae groove are discussed in the article linked at the top of the page.

The basic version of this new groove looks like this:

The basic version of this groove

Spend some time getting familiar with this pattern then we'll have a look at some variations on it.

Half Time Version

As with other genres of music and groove, this pattern can be translated to a half time feel. As discussed in the previous lesson to achieve this you will play the side stick and kick just on beat 3. That would look like this:

A half time reggae groove

'+' Count Accents

Another common feature of reggae is prominent use of '+' count accents. The example below has these added in. You may need to start this pattern at a lower tempo and build up the speed.

An accented reggae groove

This same idea can be applied to the half time version of the groove.

A half time reggae groove with accents

There are many other concepts that could be applied. Try adding in some open hi hats, experimenting with alternate accent placement and maybe even some syncopated cross sticks while the kicks play the one drop pattern.


  • Learn the grooves above up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  • Create some 4 bar phrases using these grooves.
  • Create further variations on these patterns.


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