Linear 'R L L F' Full Bar Groove In 5/8

A selection of full bar linear groove in 5/8 using the 'R L L F' sticking.

The grooves in this lesson will all be full bar linear patterns using the 'R L L F' movement in the time signature of 5/8. You will be presented with various different construction ideas around this part, some touched on in previous lessons. Make sure you have covered the linked lesson on the basic R L L F pattern and can play it at a decent tempo, 130 and above would be ideal. At the bottom of hte page you will find a collection of links to lessons that will be useful when learning these parts.

The grooves will be built from the accented version of the exercise, so you will notice a lot of ghosted snares but you will be moving the first stroke of each grouping to an alternate part of the kit in most cases. Hi hats have been used in a lot of examples on this page but you could move this to any part of the kit you like. Short, sharp sounds are best to prevent the subtle ghost notes being lost.

Example 1

A 5/8 linear RLLF pattern

Example 2

A 5/8 linear RLLF pattern

Example 3

A 5/8 linear RLLF pattern

Example 4

A 5/8 linear RLLF pattern

Example 5

A 5/8 linear RLLF pattern


  • Using the 2 minute rule, get the grooves up to a tempo of at least 130bpm.
  • Use the given parts and ideas given below to create your own versions of this groove concept.

Ideas For Variation

Listed below are some simple ideas to experiment with to create further versions of this groove.

  • Add additional bass drums. Doing this will mean the groove is no longer 'linear' but still creates some cool sounding parts.
  • Switch around where the hi hats and snares fall.
  • Open some hi hats.
  • Add in ride bells.
  • Alter which beat of the bar you start the pattern on.
  • Use this groove for half a bar, fill the other half with another groove idea.
  • Use this groove as part of a two bar pattern.