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Welcome to our collection of level 3 lessons. In this area of the site you will be presented with ideas that expand on what you have learned in all previous levels, often taking existing ideas and adding new twists and developments to them. The 'grooves' section will be focusing on double kick groove construction, complex 6/8 ideas, use of interesting sticking patterns, blast beats and much more. Fills will also be covering many double kick construction ideas as well as rudiment application and use of odd sticking patterns. Exercises have been provided in many categories including double kick use, using 32nd notes, odd sticking patterns, fill building blocks and more.

You can find all of these categories of drumming in the menu bar above. For each category, lessons are split into various sub-categories for ease of viewing. Within each lesson you are given tasks to ensure you are practising efficiently and ideas for related lessons are also provided. A list of recently added and most popular level 1 lessons is given below also.

If you have questions about any lessons in this collection or have ideas for things to add please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..