'4 5 6' Exercise

This lesson presents another shortened version of our '1234568' Exercise and is the same idea as our '468' lesson. The intention is for the exercise to help build up to the full pattern whilst also further familiarizing you with the Quintuplet. It is also useful as a way of focusing pushing your hand speed as it is built of three fairly fast note values. On this page you will be playing various lengths on each note value rather than just a bars worth of each.

The exercise will be using groups of straight sixteenth note, Quintuplets and Sextuplets. Always remember, whatever tempo you start the sixteenth notes at you will be playing 32nds at too. You may need to start at a speed that makes the 16ths feel really slow.

The all exercises are played as single strokes.

One 4/4 Bar Per Value

We'll start with a simple version of this exercise. Play one bars worth of each note value.

The '468' Exercise in 4/4

One 2/4 Bar Per Value

This is essentially half a bar of 4/4 on each value but moving it into 2/4 makes the notation a little more comfortable.

The '468' Exercise in 2/4

One 3/4 Bar Per Value

Play three beats on each value.

The '468' Exercise in 3/4

One Beat Per Value

This time switch note value every beat, this makes the exercise fall into the time signature of 3/4 again.

The '468' Exercise in 3/4


  1. Learn the exercise up to a tempo of at least 110bpm.
  2. Experiment with staying on each note value for various other lengths.


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