Demi Semi Quaver (32nd Note)

A Demi Semi Quaver

A Demi Semi Quaver (32nd Note), pictured above, is a note that lasts for 1/8 of a beat. You can fit 32 of them in a bar, or 8 to each crotchet count, and they are twice as fast as semi quavers. Demi Semi Quavers are a solid circular note head with a vertical stem that has three tails coming out of the top. The usual rules for different Note Heads apply.

Counting 32nd notes can be a bit tricky as there isn't a designated count for the extra notes. The way to approach it is to count the '1 e + a' from sixteenth notes and play two notes for each count. The example below shows a bar of music made up entirely of Demi Semi Quavers. Counting and is given underneath the bar.

A Bar Of Demi Semi Quavers

Demi Semi Quavers are beamed in much the same way as Semi Quavers. Whenever you get groups of two or more a beam is added with 3 horizontal bars. These then tend to be subdivided into groups of four, so as you can see in the bar of music above each block of four notes has three beams that is attached the the next block of four.


  • Experiment with playing 32nd notes as a single stroke roll.
  • Experiment with different stickings and rudiments using 32nd notes.
  • Think about what exercises, grooves or fills you could construct using this new subdivision.
  • Familiarize yourself with the new note value by playing one bar of 16th notes followed by one bar of 32nd notes.


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