'1 2 3 4 5 6 8' Exercise

Combine all note values to create a super exercise.

This exercise is a progression of the level 2 '12346' Exercise. It will make this lesson much easier if you have covered this already.

For this exercise you will be adding in the two new note values learned at level three, Quintuplets and 32nd Notes. The quintuplets will be the '5' and the 32nd notes the '8' as these numbers reflect the amount of notes you are cramming into a quarter note in each bar.

The idea for the exercise is simple, playing it isn't! You may be tempted to play the quarter notes fast because they feel so slow, but remember that at the end of the exercise you will need to be playing 32nds at the same tempo. When combined with the Two Minute Rule this is a really good exercise for pushing the speed of your single strokes.

The whole exercise is played as single strokes. The numbers above each bar represent the sub division. The four lines make up the whole exercise. Please excuse the odd line spacing, it is hard to fit 32nds and sextuplets on the same line!

The '1234568' Exercise


  1. Learn the exercise up to a tempo of at least 100bpm.

If you are struggling with this exercise break it down into smaller segments. Practice switching between the first two bars until you are comfortable, then add the third. If the third bar is throwing you off just practice the second and third bar. Repeat this process until you can put the whole exercise together.