Crotchet Accents In A Standard Paradiddle

A lesson on adding crotchet accents to paradiddles.

In this lesson you will be placing accents on numbered counts in a standard paradiddle. The same idea has been applied in other rudiments but the paradiddle is a little different as numbered counts aren't always played with the right hand. When working through the patterns below, make sure any accents that fall on a left hand are played at the same volume as those on a right hand.

Exercise 1

Play an accent on beat 1.

Accenting a paradiddle

Exercise 2

Play an accent on beats 1 and 3.

Accenting a paradiddle

Exercise 3

Play an accent on all quarter note counts.

Accenting a paradiddle

Exercise 4

Play an accent on beats 2 and 4.

Accenting a paradiddle

Exercise 5

Play accents on all eighth notes.

Accenting a paradiddle


  • Place accents in various other places.
  • Add feet into the exercises above.
  • Orchestrate the exercises above.
  • Add accents to other rudiments.