9/8 Grooves With Quarter Note Right Hands || Free Groove Constuction Lesson

In this free groove constuction lesson you will be applying an odd grouping of notes to the right hand when playing in 9/8. The groupings you would expect to see in this time signature would be either dotted crotchets or four sets of three quavers, but in these grooves you will be playing crotchets. This gives the groove a more 'simple time signature' feel and can provide a really cool variation when a piece uses straight 9/8 throughout. This idea has also been covered in the time signature of 6/8 and you can find a link to this lesson at the bottom of the page. As you are using an 'inappropriate' rhythm against a straight rhythm, the part can be described as Syncopated.

Note that due to the quarter notes not fitting the bar fully there are a couple of options for ending the bar. Either play a dotted crotchets and have a large space at the end or cut the gap down by ending on a quaver.

Listed below are several examples of 9/8 grooves using this right hand idea. As always, use this as a starting point for creating your own grooves based on the concept. At the bottom of the page you will find a collection of further free groove construction lessons that will be helpful both when learning the given parts and creating variations on them.

Example 1

A 9/8 groove construction idea with a quarter note right hand

Example 2

A 9/8 groove with a quarter note right hand

Example 3

A 9/8 groove construction lesson using a quarter note right hand

Example 4

A free 9/8 groove construction lesson with a quarter note right hand

Example 5

A 9/8 groove with a quarter note right hand


  • Learn the grooves above up to a tempo of at least 130bpm.
  • Create your own grooves based on this idea.
  • Create some 4 bar phrases in 9/8. For now, use three bars of a groove followed by one bar of a different groove.


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