Two Bar Grooves Built By Adding One Bass Drum

This lesson is a continuation of our ideas for constructing two bar grooves, you can find links to the previous lessons at the bottom of the page. Another very easy and very common idea for building a two bar pattern is to start with a one bar groove played twice. Then in the second bar, add a kick on the very last Quaver note. Here are two examples using this idea:

2 Bar Grooves - Example 3a

2 Bar Grooves - Example 3b

We could expand on this idea further by using any part of the kit on the last Quaver note of the bar. Below are some examples, note the use of toms:

2 Bar Grooves - Example 3c

2 Bar Grooves - Example 3d

2 Bar Grooves - Example 3e

2 Bar Grooves - Example 3f

This is perhaps the easiest way to create a two bar groove there is!


  1. Revisit the list of one bar grooves learned in our initial introduction. Create at least 2 two bar variations of each of these.


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