Flam Tap As Quavers With Quaver Feet

Taking the eighth note version of the rudiment and adding feet ostinati as quavers. Another good co ordination challenge.

This lessons follows on from our Flam Tap Sticking and Eighth Note Flam Tap With Quarter Note Feet lessons. It will be much easier to follow if you are familiar with the content from that lesson.

All you will be doing in the exercises on this page is taking the feet pattern lesson linked above and switching the feet to ostinati based on eighth note rhythms. The purpose of this is really just the same as the previous lesson, to get you comfortable adding in grace notes whilst various other things are happening. As before, there are a few things going on here so take your time and make sure your note placement is accurate before working on pushing the tempo.

Through this set of exercises you will be playing the rudiment as eighth notes whilst playing a standard foot ostinato underneath that will be made up solely of quavers meaning that the rhythm of the hands will match the feet. All exercises will involve playing something with a foot at exactly the same time as playing something with a hand and it is hugely important that these notes are played exactly at the same time. I strongly recommend you work through the lessons in this Hand to Foot Syncronization Exercise.

I have only given a small selection of ideas here, it is important that you try and create your own versions based on the given parts. There are a huge amount of options even with the restrictions of this lesson. It is also very important that you use the three different stickings for each exercise, I have left out stickings in all exercises but they can be found in the sticking lesson linked at the top of the page.

Exercise 1

Adding quaver feet under a quaver flam tap

Exercise 2

Adding quaver feet under a quaver flam tap

Exercise 3

Adding quaver feet under a quaver flam tap

Exercise 4

Adding quaver feet under a quaver flam tap

Exercise 5

Adding quaver feet under a quaver flam tap


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all exercises up to a tempo of 120bpm with good hand technique.
  2. Use standard, reversed and alternate sticking patterns with each exercise.
  3. Create additional feet patterns for the exercises.
  4. Play all exercises as a continuous pattern, then repeat.