Groove Development: 01-10-2019 (Simple 2 Bar 4/4 With Second Bar Variations)

A simple level 1 2 bar groove using 2 right hand concepts.

This groove development lesson will be presented in a slightly different way. Rather than being given a start point and gradually increasing the complexity of the part, you will be given a simple two bar groove and will then learn several variations on this. In each example, something in the second bar will be changed using a simple level 1 concept. In each step, a link to the original lesson of the concept applied is provided where appropriate, it is worth sidetracking and working through these lessons if you either get stuck or don't understand a particular step.

It's important you can play the step you are on comfortably at a decent tempo before progressing as any parts you get stuck on are going to appear in all subsequent steps. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of helpful links and a set of target tempos.

It would be useful to use these given ideas as inspiration to create your own variations on the part. The whole purpose of this lesson is to develop your creativity and ability to improvise around a given groove. This is a really useful skill when constructing parts for a song as it allows you to create some interest without coming too far away from the groove.

NOTE that the file size of this pack is 19.3MB.

Step 1

The start point is a simple two bar Level 0 style part with the right hand playing eighth notes on the hi hat. Watch out for the rest at the start of the second bar.

Creating Variations On A Simple 4/4 Groove

Step 2

Opening A Hi Hat on an '+' count is a really simple way to create a variation. In this case that is done on the '+' after count 3. Experiment with placing this at different points in the bar and opening on more than one count.

Creating Variations On A Simple 4/4 Groove

Step 3

Accenting counts With Cymbals has a really nice affect, particularly when placed with a snare. Here this has been applied on counts 2 and 4. Experiment with displacing the snares and adding crashes over them.

Creating Variations On A Simple 4/4 Groove

Step 4

In this version Extra Snares have been added to the second half of the bar.

Creating Variations On A Simple 4/4 Groove

Step 5

Play kicks and snares Only On The '+' Counts. Experiment with switching around the orchestration. The hi hat on the very last '+' count has been opened here.

Creating Variations On A Simple 4/4 Groove

Step 6

Another Crash Accent idea has been applied here. Rather than falling on snares, these fall on the kick drums.

Creating Variations On A Simple 4/4 Groove