Sticking For A Two Bar Abbreviated Single Stroke 5

Altering the rhythm of the original single stroke 5 to create a slightly syncopated pattern.

In this lesson you will be learning an alternate rhythm for the single stroke 5 that involves shortening the standard quarter note to an eighth note. This new rhythm causes the rudiment to be played over three eighth notes rather than four quarter notes which, in the 4/4 time signature you will be playing in, means the start of each phrase doesn't line up with the bar lines. This gives a syncopated feel and has a really nice sound to it.

To further highlight the syncopation I have notated the rudiment over two bars, keeping that same rhythm going over both. I have shown this concept applied to both variations of the original version and have included counting and sticking under each.

Exercise 1

A Single Stroke Five starting on the beat starting on the right hand.

A single stroke 5 in standard sticking.

Exercise 2

A Single Stroke Five starting on the beat starting on the left hand.

A single stroke 5 in reverse sticking.


  • Using the 2 minute rule, get all exercises up to a tempo of 140bpm.
  • Try adding feet as both eighth and quarter notes.
  • Orchestrate each of the given patterns.
  • Shorten the phrase to one bar.
  • Extend the pattern over several bars.
  • Use alternate sticking.