One Beat Fills On Beat 1 Of A 4/4 Bar

Placing a fill at an unexpected point within a bar of 4/4.

In this lesson you will be taking the level 0 One Beat Fill and moving it three quarter notes earlier in the bar, in the same way we did when Displacing Grooves. That will give you a fill on beat 1, right at the very start of the bar, and that can be based on any rhythm or orchestration you wish. This is an easy way of adding something a bit different if you are getting fed up with using the same patterns over and over and you can obviously move that one beat of fill anywhere else in the bar.

In a common time part, a snare will be falling on beat 2 which will fall immediately after the fill. That means some changes may need to be made around beat 2 as a result of the fill to avoid any nasty quick movements. This will be shown in the examples below. A very important element of this concept is that the groove continues after the fill. If the fill just started on beat 1 and went to the end of the bar it would just be a standard full bar fill and they were covered back in Level 0.

Listed below are a few examples of this fill applied within a one bar pattern. Various different rhythms and orchestrations have been used but there are many more options. Use the given parts as a basis to create your own patterns.

Example 1

A one beat fill on beat 1 in 4/4

Example 2

A one beat fill on beat 1 in 4/4

Example 3

A one beat fill on beat 1 in 4/4

Example 4

A one beat fill on beat 1 in 4/4

Example 5

A one beat fill on beat 1 in 4/4


  • Using the 2 minute rule, get all example fills up to a tempo of at least 125bpm.
  • Create your own variations of these fills.
  • Include these fills in a 4 or 8 bar pattern.