'Freak On A Leash' Tom And Flam Groove

A tom based pattern with some interesting tom and cymbal decoration.

In this lesson you will be learning a tom based groove where all toms are followed by a kick. On tom of this flammed snares and cymbals are added to create a really interesting sounding part. You can hear this in the song 'Freak On A Leash' by Korn and it starts at around 1:18 in the video linked, which is the start of the chorus.

Through this page a one bar groove will be built up step by step. This will allow you to see clearly what is going on in each part and to get your head around a small part of the groove at a time. This should hopefully make the learning process significantly easier. I have included some links to some helpful lessons at the bottom of the page. If at any point you find yourself struggling, have a look through some of these.

Step 1

Through the full part, the left foot maintains eighth notes on the hi hat pedal. To start with, add a floor tom, mid tom and kick on the '1 +'. Ensure all four limbs play at exactly the same time.

Building up the groove

Step 2

Open the hi hat on the very last '+' count of the bar.

Building up the groove

Step 3

Add a third floor, mid and kick drum on the '+' after count 3.

Building up the groove

Step 4

On the 'e' and '+' after count 3, add a high tom on the left hand and floor tom on the right. Under both of these strokes you will play a kick.

Building up the groove

Step 5

Finally, on the '+ a' after count 4 play two stack/china splash cymbals. The sound create by these us a really short aggressive snap that really stands out against the toms. If you don't have either of the cymbals mentioned a splash will do.

Building up the groove


  1. Learn the full groove up to a tempo of at least 101bpm, which is the speed of the song.
  2. Listen through the rest of the song and try to work out some of the variations.
  3. Apply the groove to a four or eighth bar phrase.
  4. Try playing a long to the full song.