Train Groove With Offbeat 16th Accents

Decorating the train groove with this idea based on the offbeat snares covered previously at this level.

In this lesson you will be expanding on the Train Groove learned in a previous lesson by applying the level 2 Offbeat 16th Snares concept. If you have covered this lesson already you should find these grooves quite easy to follow as the exact same idea is applied, just to the accents in the sixteenth note hands of the train groove. In the previous lesson you spent a lot of time learning about placing notes between the right hands of a groove. In this style of groove it is much simple as you are just accenting an existing note played on the left hand.

Listed below are several versions of the train groove, each with one or more offbeat 16th note accents added. These extra notes will always be played on a left hand and will always be on an 'e' or 'a' count. I have kept the kick patterns simple to allow you to focus more on the accent placement. Make sure the accented notes stand out much more by lifting your hand a bit higher and pushing down with a little more force, including those on the left hand. Remember, start at a low tempo and build up gradually. It is far more important to get the part accurate.

To help the learning process, sticking and counting is included in each exercise. This is by no means an exhaustive list, use the given parts as a basis to create and experiment with your own parts.

Example 1

A train groove with offbeat accents

Example 2

A train groove with offbeat accents

Example 3

A train groove with offbeat accents

Example 4

A train groove with offbeat accents

Example 5

A train groove with offbeat accents


  • Learn the grooves above up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  • Create your own versions of these grooves by mixing up the accent and kick placement.
  • Create some 4 bar phrases using these grooves.