Half Time Train Groove

Create a groove using single stroke rolls and accents.

In this lesson you will continue learning about the Train Groove concept by applying it within a half time feel. The same accented single stroke roll idea will be used but this time only beat 3 is accented. Before starting this lesson I recomend working through the lesson linked above and our Half Time Grooves collection.

As with the common time version, the accented note will fall on a right hand and this should stand out from all other snare hits. In some examples I have added in ghost notes and these should be considerably softer than all other strokes. The hands for this groove concept look like this:

The hands for the half time version of this groove

Listed below are several examples of the train groove in half time. Use these as a starting point to create your own versions of this part.

Example 1

A half time train groove

Example 2

A half time train groove

Example 3

A half time train groove

Example 4

A half time train groove

Example 5

A half time train groove


  • Learn the grooves above up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  • Create your own versions of these grooves by moving the bass drums around.
  • Create some 4 bar phrases using these grooves.