Groove Development - 24/04/2018 (1 Bar 5/4 With Constant Double Kick)

Building up a 5/4 groove that has a sixteenth note double kick as its' base.

In this lesson you will be learning a double kick groove in 5/4 through a short series of steps. This will start with a 5/4 groove pattern with a constant sixteenth note double kick that builds up to a level 4 pattern that decorates a quarter note right hand part by making use of a single stroke sticking. There will be five separate modifications made to this start groove, each of which creates its' own perfectly decent sounding part. You will find each step will increase the difficulty of the part slightly. In each step a link to the original lesson of the concept applied is provided where appropriate, it would be worth sidetracking and working through these lessons if you either get stuck or don't understand a particular step

It is very important that you can play the step you are on comfortably at a decent tempo before moving on as any parts you get stuck on are going to appear in all subsequent steps. As an additional exercise, when you have learned the steps as shown below, try taking the concepts given and applying them in a slightly different way. For example in step 2 two sixteenth note high toms are added so maybe try applying these elsewhere in the bar or on a different voice. Continue through all steps with any changes you make and write down any ideas you particularly like the sound of.

This particular groove is a one bar pattern in 5/4 that combines a quarter note right hand with sixteenth note double kicks and adds in various snares, toms and cymbals between these right hand notes. This makes quite a busy sounding part with a bit of a melodic feel going on. The groove would work well in many situations but would be particularly appropriate in a heavy metal genre.

You can also download a version of this lesson in PDF format. In this pack you also get three sets of eight bar phrases using the final groove as a basis along with audio files in MP3 format of all drum parts. This also includes a drumless version of the backing track for you to play a long to. On top of that the pack also features an extra step in developing the groove, highlighting of changes in each step and counting marks. You can purchase this for just $2 by clicking the button below.

NOTE that the file size of this pack is 16.2MB.

Step 1

A 5/4 Groove With Constant 16ths On The Feet. There is a snare on beat 2 as you would expect but on beat 5 you have a floor tom. As the right hand is playing over on the china this floor tom can easily be reached with the left hand so is played like you would the snare.

Developing a double kick groove in 5/4

Step 2

A simple 'R L' Movement is added on the high tom after beat two. The right hand will move off the high tom to the china cymbal in a nice fluid motion. The quarter note china in this groove creates a lot of space for 16th note decoration like this and all subsequent steps at extra 16th single stroke notes in this manner.

Developing a double kick groove in 5/4

Step 3

Two sixteenth note snares are added at the end of the bar in the same way as the previous step. As a single stroke 'R L' sticking is used the right hand moves smoothly from the snare back to the china.

Developing a double kick groove in 5/4

Step 4

The right hand is going to slip in some extra toms on the '+' counts after beat 1 and beat 4, the first being on the floor tom and the second on the high tom. At this point these could be played on the right hand but in later steps notes are added around these that make them best played on the right.

Developing a double kick groove in 5/4

Step 5

Splashes are added on the 'e +' after beat three, again in a single stroke movement. It is important that you play the first of these splashes on the left hand.

Developing a double kick groove in 5/4

Step 6

An extra snare is added on the 'e' after beat 4. As with the splash movement in the last step, this will be played on the left hand to maintain that single stroke feel.

Developing a double kick groove in 5/4