Double Time Train Groove

Create a groove using single stroke rolls and accents.

In this lesson you will continue learning about the Train Groove concept by applying it within a double time feel. The same accented single stroke roll idea will be used but this time all '+' counts will be accented. Before starting this lesson I recomend working through the lesson linked above and our Double Time Grooves collection.

As with the common time version, all accented notes will fall on a right hand and these should stand out from all other snare hits. In some examples I have added in ghost notes and these should be considerably softer than all other strokes. There will be a lot of sixteenth note kicks within these patterns and they will feel quite fast. Don't be afraid to slow the parts right down to get the note placements accurate then work on tempo later.

The hands for this groove concept look like this:

The hands for the double time version of this groove

Listed below are several examples of the train groove in double time. Use these as a starting point to create your own versions of this part.

Example 1

A double time train groove

Example 2

A double time train groove

Example 3

A double time train groove

Example 4

A double time train groove

Example 5

A double time train groove


  • Learn the grooves above up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  • Create your own versions of these grooves by moving the bass drums around.
  • Create some 4 bar phrases using these grooves.