Full Bar Single Stroke Triplet Fills

Some simple ideas for applying the single stroke triplet to full bar fills.

In this lesson you will be creating full bar fills from a Single Stroke Triplet. The fills on there own shouldn't be too hard if you have learned the rudiment already, the difficulty will come in switching to and from a standard bar of 4/4 groove. To help with the time you may find This Exercise useful.

Each exercise contains a bar of groove followed by a triplet fill. The groove is included to highlight the importance of practicing switching from groove to fill. A note has been given on the construction of the fill in each example also.

Example 1

Straight groups of three moving around the four drums. Each time the voice is changed a different hand is used to start the grouping.

A fill in swing time.

Example 2

Each numbered count is played on a different time while all other strokes stay on the snare.

A fill in swing time.

Example 3

A staggered grouping made of four notes followed by two notes which is played twice.

A fill in swing time.

Example 4

Move around three different drums followed by three notes on the snare, then play it twice.

A fill in swing time.

Example 5

Play all notes on the snare except beats 1 and 3 which are played on crashes.

A fill in swing time.

Example 6

Play the first note on a tom followed by snares then on beat 3, move around the three toms in groups of two.

A fill in swing time.


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all exercises up to a tempo of at least 135bpm.
  2. Add each example into one of the structures we have covered previously.
  3. Create your own fill pattern using these concepts.
  4. Use various feet patterns in each fill.