• D.C. Al Coda

    A way of repeating large sections of music that involve returning to that start of a piece. This lesson includes two example pieces.

  • D.S. Al Coda

    A form of notation used to show repition of large parts of music that involve jumping back to a specific point in the song.

  • Displacement

    Displacement is the idea of shifting notes in a certain direction, learn about the finer points of this here.

  • Dotted Notes

    This lesson explains how notes can be extended using dots. Learn about the notation and counting involved here.

  • Dynamics

    Dynamics refer to the volume music is played at. This lesson lists the different markings you will come across and describes what they mean.

  • Dynamics Quiz

    Answer questions on dynmaics notation and related terms. Useful for finding any gaps in your knowledge.

  • Eighth Note Triplets

    A subdivision that involves playing three equal notes in the space of one beat. This lesson discusses counting, sticking and application of this note value.

  • Ghost Notes

    Ghost notes are small bracketed notes that often cause confusion in notation. Learn about variations on notation and how to play them in this lesson.

  • Imitation

    Using the idea of mimicking in part construction.

  • Level 1 Time Signatures

    This lesson outlines the time signatures you will come across in level 1 and gives a brief overview of them.

  • Linear Drumming

    An brief explanation of what linear patterns are with written examples.

  • Minim / Half Note

    Detailed information on this note hollow headed value that lasts for two beats.

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