Flamadiddle With Moving Grace Notes

All grace notes will be moved around the kit whilst the standard notes stay fixed on the snare.

This lessons is another orchestration of our Flamadiddle rudiment lesson. It will be much easier to follow if you are at least familiar with the sticking for this rudiment. You can find a link to the article on this topic at the bottom of the page.

This orchestration is fairly straight forward. The rudiment will be played all on the snare, with the exception of the grace notes which will move around various parts of the kit. The given patterns will avoid arm cross overs and to do that a simple rule is followed. This rule involves splitting the drum kit up into two halves, left and right, and each part in the two sides will be hit with the hand on that side. So the right half will be played with the right hand and vice versa. The right half will include the mid tom, floor tom, right side crash, ride and any other cymbals you have on that side of the kit. The left half will have the high tom, hi hat, left side crash, the second snare if you have one and any other cymbals. The snare will be exempt from this rule and can be thought of as in the middle. It will help to think of an imaginary line down the middle of the kit between the high and mid toms, any part of the kit to the right of the line will be played with the right and any part to the left with the left hand. That is a very long and convoluted explanation, when you start playing the exercises below it should become clear what is going on.

Because of the way these parts are constructed, the snare will play constant sixteenth notes. Feet have been included in all exercises, feel free to remove these if you are struggling with the part. Sticking hasn't been included here so remember to use the flamadiddle.

Exercise 1

Flamadiddle with moving grace notes

Exercise 2

Flamadiddle with moving grace notes

Exercise 3

Flamadiddle with moving grace notes

Exercise 4

Flamadiddle with moving grace notes

Exercise 5

Flamadiddle with moving grace notes

Exercise 6

Flamadiddle with moving grace notes


  1. Using the 2 Minute Rule, get all exercises up to a tempo of 140bpm.
  2. Create your own orchestrations using this concept.
  3. Experiment with various different feet patterns in all exercises.

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I recomend covering our lesson on orchestrating this rudiment with Moving Singles next.