'Find Me' Eighth Note Groove Decorated With 16th Hi Hats

A simple groove pattern decorated with sixteenth note hi hats.

In this lesson you will be learning a two bar groove inspired by the song Find Me by Kings Of Leon. The groove is used during the verses and the first of these can be heard about 45 seconds into the song. The groove in question is a simple level 0 style two bar pattern that has some sixteenth note hi hats thrown in for decoration.

Through this page the part will be built up over two steps and I will then give some variations in where the hi hat decoration is placed. Make sure you can play the step you are on steadily at a decent tempo before moving on. The song is played at 156bpm, which is quite quick. It would be worth slowing this down while you are familiarizing yourself with the pattern.

Step 1


Building up the groove step by step

Step 2


Building up the groove step by step

Variation 1


Varying the sixteenth note placement

Variation 2


Varying the sixteenth note placement


  • Learn all given examples up to a tempo of at least 150bpm but aim to get a little higher.
  • Experiment with different sixteenth note placements on the hi hat.
  • Try playing a long to the full Kings Of Leon song.