Groove Development - 03/04/2018 (2 Bar Linear 5/8)

Learn a fast and intricate two bar linear 5/8 groove step by step.

On this page you will learn a two bar linear groove in 5/8 through a series of steps. This starts with a bare bones kick snare rhythm that builds up to a fast level 4 pattern requiring a lot of co-ordination and stamina. There will be five modifications made to the start groove, each of which makes the part more difficult. It is also worth noting that each step creates its own perfectly decent sounding groove. In each step a link to the original lesson of the concept applied is provided where appropriate, it is worth sidetracking and working through these lessons if you either get stuck or don't understand a particular step.

It is very important that you can play the step you are on comfortably at a decent tempo before moving on as any parts you get stuck on are going to appear in all subsequent steps. As an additional exercise, try taking the concepts given and applying them in different ways. For example in step 2 you add hi hats so try applying these at different points in the bar. Continue through all steps with these changes and write down any ideas you like the sound of.

This particular groove is a fast 32nd note based two bar linear pattern in 5/8 that fits a variety of genres. In the complete groove, everything moves very quickly so the step by step process is particularly useful. Be sure to check out the exercises provided on the last page to help get your hands as fast as required.

You can also download a version of this lesson in PDF format. In this pack you also get two extra steps in the groove construction process, three sets of eight bar phrases using the final groove as a basis and audio files in MP3 format of all drum parts. This also includes a drumless version of the backing track for you to play a long to. You can purchase this for just $1.50 by clicking the button below.

NOTE that the file size of this pack is 16MB.

Step 1

A bare bones Two Bar Groove In 5/8. The first bar is very straight forward but you will need to watching the timing of the second bar. Make use of the counting and backing track to get the rhythm accurate. Note that the stroke on beat 4 of the second bar is a floor tom not a snare!

Developing a two bar 5/8 lienar groove

Step 2

The next step is to add in a bunch of hi hats. We are building up a Linear Groove here so these will fall in between all existing notes. Pay close attention to the sticking as it may not be what you expect. The right hand for that final stroke my feel odd but this is to allow some single stroke 32nds in later steps.

Developing a two bar 5/8 lienar groove

Step 3

This step will be similar to the last as additional sixteenth notes are being added in a linear style. These are all on either the floor tom or snare. Again, keep an eye on the sticking as it may not fall in the way you expect. If something feels odd, it will be to allow something else to be added easily in a later step.

Developing a two bar 5/8 lienar groove

Step 4

In the remaining steps certain notes will be doubled up and some gaps will be filled in with 32nd Notes. This will make the groove feel really quick so I recommend starting this slowly whilst you get your head around sticking and note placement. In this particular step this has happened to select hi hats within both bars.

Developing a two bar 5/8 lienar groove

Step 5

This time some of the tom strokes are doubled up and two snares are thrown in at the end of the bar. As in all previous steps keep an eye on sticking and counting.

Developing a two bar 5/8 lienar groove

Step 6

Add two 32nd Note Bass Drums towards the end of the second bar. These are intended to played on a single pedal to keep the hi hats the follow mediately after to be closed. As the tempo gets higher this will become increasingly more difficult but is a good movement to master.

Developing a two bar 5/8 lienar groove