'A A B C - A B C' Structure In 5/8

A very simple variation on the standard 'AAABAAAC' pattern that is cut a little shorter.

In this lesson you will just be taking the AABCABC pattern covered in a previous lesson and translating it to the time signature of 5/8. All exercises will just be this new combination of existing ideas so shouldn't present too many problems. The structure for the parts on this page is this:

A seven bar phrase

In the lesson linked above I discuss where you might find this kind of phrase and some points about notation in a piece, have a look back over that lesson if you haven't already as these notes may be useful.

Listed below are several example of this structure with a drum kit part applied. I have used a variety of different construction ideas but feel free to create your own parts.

Example 1

A seven bar phrase in 5/8

Example 2

A seven bar phrase in 5/8

Example 3

A seven bar phrase in 5/8

Example 4

A seven bar phrase in 5/8

Example 5

A seven bar phrase in 5/8


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all phrases up to a tempo of at least 130bpm.
  2. Create your own versions of these patterns based on the original phrase.