Sticking For The Single Stroke 7 In 5/4

Applying two different single stroke 7 stickings to the new time signature.

In this lesson you will be applying two different single stroke 7 stickings in the time signature of 5/4. The standard sticking doesn't quite fit within this context, but when played over two bars the start of the rudiment will line up with the start of the bar again. The alternate sticking, which you can find towards the bottom of the page, actually fits really nicely in the new time signature when you add in a quarter note at the end of the bar.

As with all rudiment exercises, use this to develop your technique. You should also ensure all dynamic levels are even.

Exercise 1

Two bars of single stroke 7 played in 5/4.

The single stroke 7 in 5/4.

Exercise 2

A Single Stroke Seven starting on the beat starting on the left hand.

The single stroke 7 in 5/4.


  • Using the 2 minute rule, get all exercises up to a tempo of 140bpm.
  • Try adding feet as both eighth and quarter notes.
  • Orchestrate each of the given patterns.
  • Extend the pattern over several bars.