Sixteenth Note Flam Tap Moving In Blocks Of Two

Changing the voicing of a sixteenth note flam tap on every '+' count.

In this Flam Tap orchestration you will just be moving the straight rudiment around the kit in various patterns that all involve changing the voicing on every '+' count. As discussed in our Each Hand On A Different Drum flam tap orchestration lesson, orchestrating a straight flam is a bit different to other rudiments as it isn't roll based. That means there are very limited options and these are more of an exercise to get you comfortable both with the basic rudiment and some of the movements you might see when the rudiment is used practically.

I have added feet to each exercise also to increase the challenge. Feel free to remove the feet whilst you are learning the orchestration then adding them back in later. Experiment with using different feet patterns from our previous lessons and try different sticking variations also. I have used a combination of both the rudiment as quavers and semi quavers.

Exercise 1

Flam tap moving in quaver blocks

Exercise 2

Flam tap moving in quaver blocks

Exercise 3

Flam tap moving in quaver blocks

Exercise 4

Flam tap moving in quaver blocks

Exercise 5

Flam tap moving in quaver blocks


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all exercises up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.
  2. Create your own orchestrations using this concept.
  3. Use as many different feet patterns as you can think of with each exercise.

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